research and exhibition at MIT 2011
October 31st, 2011

Project Proposal

Project Outline – Networked Cultures – Caleb Harper

1)      Speaking Animal

a)      A prosthetic for releasing our inner animal

i)        Our “inner animal” is a common voice that is not subject to local, regional or                       global context. It is the true common voice that breaks down                                                 invisible dividing lines of class, religion, morality, culture, race, gender,                                 education and geographic location

ii)       Utilizing anonymity as a tool for expressing the innate animalistic qualities                             of being human that are often socially unacceptable or in opposition                                      to prevalent social moralities or culture

iii)     By “releasing the inner animal” it will serve to both unite and provoke. It will                           unite those that encounter the device by hearing messages that are relevant                       to everyone and provoke others to step out of the “herd” imbuing them with                           confidence to speak their inner animal and spark spontaneous physical                               interactions with others

iv)     In a world of ever increasing virtual connectedness we face a critical lack of                         development of physical connectedness

(1)    Tweeting, Blogging and face-booking facilitate building virtual                                                relationships and allow the freedom to virtually “become animal” but only                              to others that are in our sphere of influence and provide for far greater                                 silence in the physical world

2)      Implementation

i)        The device is to be worn by a person in a public space

ii)       The prosthetic will replace the users mouth and will speak messages of                               an unknown digital origin

iii)     By displacing anonymity with an anonymous voice attached to a physical                              body messages are innately more “human” and associated with a physical                         person

iv)     The physical person experiences the “freedom” of speaking out in public

v)      The anonymous user experiences a physical public outlet

vi)     The community gains a deeper insight in the collective thoughts of                                      “animals” in their community

3)      Research Objectives

i)        The manifestation of the physical digital human

ii)       Creating physical connectedness at a local, region and/or global level

(a)    Test site -Roxbury

1. – creating a digital interface for the                                                  Roxbury community to enter messages to be disseminated in the                                        public spaces

2. 10 Speaking animal prototypes deployed and traded among random                                     members of the community

3. Anticipated interaction areas – homes, schools, subways, public                                           green spaces, sidewalks, etc.

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